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Use Case and Test Driven Modularization Environment

The literal inter-language use case driven modularization approach enables to organize code according to use cases and tests into Markdown files. The use case and test driven modularization environment handles synchronization of the Markdown files containing use cases and the existing code at the level of static file processing.

3D/VR Software Development

Three prototypes are available in the domain of 3D/VR software development:

  • 3D Collaborative System Modeling enables collaborative layered 3D UML modeling. Changes are synchronized in real time. Collaboration is indicated by element-based unfoldable traces. The main prototype is accompanied by a highly experimental one that enables basic layered 3D UML modeling in virtual reality.
  • VR City employs the city metaphor to software under development showing its static, dynamic, and evolution aspects.
  • Cubely is an immersive virtual environment designed to enhance students' learning experience by making programming tasks look like a cube stacking game.


DevACTs is a software infrastructure for collecting and interpreting developers’ activities with a sophisticated five-layer architecture consisting of the data collected from Git repositories and developers’ environments, information tags (metadata describing source code artifacts with artifact properties), services for collecting and interpreting data, client application as a proxy between services and extensions installed in developers’ environments, and extensions of IDEs (Eclipse and Microsoft Visual Studio) and web browsers (Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera) focused on collecting developers’ activities and supporting software development processes.

TRACKS is a software infrastructure for incremental and distributed gathering of software repositories, and for linking data from gathered repositories based on a service that manages registered software repositories (e.g., Bugzilla or GitHub) and generates jobs with increments of these software repositories for daemons that gather data from software repositories and store them in an RDF store.