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Doc. Valentino Vranić, Associate Professor in software engineering, has a long-term interest in interconnecting human and realization aspects of software development.

Staff Members

  • Dr. Ivana Černáková maintains her scientific interests in software modeling and project management.
  • Dr. Peter Kapec's research interests lie in the visualization of software and its properties, as well as in information visualization in general, including virtual and augmented reality, visual analytics, and novel interaction techniques in visualization.
  • Ivan Kapustík explores software development in functional languages, with the focus on interactive web systems.
  • Dr. Lukáš Kohútka explores embedded systems and neural networks.
  • Dr. Eduard Kuric explores user experience, user behavior analytics, user modeling, personalization, and human computer interaction.
  • Dr. Ján Lang explores extending and adapting techniques of software development to other areas with a particular interest in education.
  • Dr. Fedor Lehocki maintains a sustaining research interest in health informatics and telemedicine in general and in particular from the perspective of software modeling.
  • Dr. Giang Nguyen is interested in machine learning, deep learning, and soft computing methods for data modeling, particularly in network monitoring and cyber security with information technology and HPC/PDC background and support.
  • Dr. Eugen Molnár explores software architecture.
  • Waheedullah Sulaiman Khail explores the possibilities of expressing organizational patterns of software development more comprehensibly.
  • Aleksandra Vranić explores drama and education patterns.

PhD Student Members

  • Mirwais Ahmadzai explores federated(collaborative) learning with data privacy protection.
  • Pavle Dakić explores software testing and its uses to improve the quality of software artifacts.
  • Tomáš Frťala explores the possibilities of expressing organizational patterns of software development.
  • Mohammad Daud Haiderzai explores patterns of market oriented software development.
  • Mohammad Yusuf Mohmand explores digital transformation and its organizational aspects and how it can be captured with patterns.
  • Mohammad Ismail Khattab explores the understanding between a customer and development team and how it can be captured with patterns.
  • Juraj Petrík explores stylometry in context of natural language and source code.
  • Igor Stupavský
  • Juraj Vincúr explores the potential of virtual, augmented, and mixed reality in software development.
  • Haji Gul Wahaj explores the challenges and best practices of software development outsourcing.
  • Shakirullah Waseeb explores mining of the relationships between organizational patterns of software development.


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